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R. Scott Jokerst scott_jokerst at data-transport.com
Thu Mar 28 13:06:31 EST 1996

Hello Jeffrey,

Biological Data Transport is committed to doing something similar to what
you are proposing within its service, located at:


In addition to software, the public can also search for reagents,
equipment, informatics resources, company information, and the like.  Our
content is fully searchable, and those who have commented on our service
have been quite positive.

I appreciate your comments on graphics.  Use of our site is a rapid event
for most, in part because we made the conscious choice to exclude graphics.
We may revisit this strategy in the future, however, should the scientists
using our service express alternate preferences.

I invite you to contribute the URL's you compile to our site, if you are so
motivated, helping us to remain current and relevant in the area.  If you
(or anyone else in the newsgroup) would be interested in helping us
maintain and improve our public resource, please respond to me directly at
info at data-transport.com.

Thanks much,


At 5:12 AM 3/28/96, Jeffrey J. Huckaby wrote:
>        I am trying to build a "useful" web site indexing various
>sites/programs/information regarding biology software.  I am probably
>just adding to the junk that is already on the web, but I hope to make
>this site useful by keeping graphic to a minimum....
>        Anyway, if you have programs/web/ftp sites that you would like to
>add to my page, please let me know...
>Email me with the address and a short (2-3) line description of the
>program with the authors or institution's name who is responsible for the
>program.  Please send web address in URL form, i.e.
>Thanks in Advance
>Jeff Huckaby                                                      Jeff Huckaby
>Department of Biology                                                  426 OML
>email huckabyj at minerva.cis.yale.edu                            Yale University
>office:(203) 432-3877                                      New Haven, CT 06511
>WWW http://www.yale.edu/~huckabyj/topbio.html               Lab:(203) 432-3982

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