transription factor binding sites software?

Kornelie Frech frech
Wed Mar 27 04:36:02 EST 1996

Our program MatInspector for recognition of transcription factor binding sites
has been developed in cooperation with the TRANSFAC database. It is able to
search for all matrices in the library (more than 200), for all matrices of a
species (vertebrates, plants, fungi, insects) or for selected matrices from the

MatInspector assigns a quality rating to matches and thus allows a quality-
based filtering and selection of matches.
(see Quandt, K., Frech, K., Karas, H., Wingender, E., Werner, T.:
MatInd and MatInspector - New fast and versatile tools for
detection of consensus matches in nucleotide sequence data
Nucleic Acids Research 23, pp. 4878-4884 (1995)).

The software and the library are available for UNIX, PC and MAC at


You can also use interactively MatInspector on the WWW at


Here the sequences to be analyzed can directly be submitted (copy and paste),
individual or groups of matrices from the library can be selected
and the resulting output can be saved for further processing.

Kornelie Frech
GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit GmbH
Institut fuer Saeugetiergenetik / AG BIODV
D - 85758 Oberschleissheim

E-mail: frech at gsf.de

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