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Martin Kroeker martin at tutor.oc.chemie.th-darmstadt.de
Sat Mar 23 18:31:39 EST 1996

Andrey A.Ptitsyn (ptitsyn at BENPC.BIONET.NSK.SU) wrote:
> I've got some other questions for the Linux discussion. We have purchased
> Silverplatter Medline on CD for LAN. Can we place those 4 CDes on
> a Linux machine? What clients should we need to mount disks on W4W or
I have not yet tried this myself, but at least some CD changers are
supported by linux - check the Hardware-HOWTO on e.g. tsx-11.mit.edu or
sunsite.unc.edu. On these sites you will also find the SAMBA package,
which supports exporting of filesystems under the SMB protocol used 
by MSwin.
Hope this helps,
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