Discrete Dynamics Lab:UNIX/XWindows version

Andy Wuensche wuensch at santafe.edu
Tue Mar 26 00:48:27 EST 1996

Subject: DDLab: UNIX/XWindows version

The UNIX/XWindows version of Discrete Dynamics Lab is available.
(and an updated DOS version)
You can read about it and download it from www...


DDLab is an interactive graphics program for research into the dynamics
of finite binary networks ranging from Cellular Automata to Random Boolean
Networks. The program generates attractor basins, as well as space-time
patterns in one or two dimensions.

The network's parameters, and the graphics display and presentation
options, can be flexibly set, reviewed and altered, including changes
"on the fly". Various measures and data are available. Learning/forgetting
algorithms allow "sculpting" attractor basins.

DDLab is relevant to the study of complexity, emergent phenomena,
neural networks, and aspects of theoretical biology such as gene
regulatory networks.

DDLab is at present free for non-commercial research or educational use
only. For any other use of DDLab contact the author to arrange for a
licensing agreement.

any comments are welcome

Andy Wuensche
Santa Fe Institute
wuensch at santafe.edu

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