Javascipt Oligo Calculator

Eugen C. Buehler buehler+ at pitt.edu
Mon Mar 25 17:07:25 EST 1996

Those who do oligo synthesis may want to check out a new page I've written
for our core facility.  We're making the transition from recieving our
orders via an Appletalk network to recieving them via the WWW.  While the
WWW method is preferable in many ways, one quality it lacks is feedback. 
When our clients submitted sequences for synthesis before, they did it
through OligoNet (from ABI), which gave them instant feedback on the
melting temperture and GC content of their primer.  To replace this
feedback, I've written an "Oligo Calculator" in Javascript, which
calculates melting temperature, %GC, molecular weight, and absorbance (as
it relates to molarity).  I'ld appreciate any feedback on the page.  It's
address is:


This page requires Netscape 2.0 or later to work.

Eugen Buehler
University of Pittsburgh
buehler+ at pitt.edu

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