scnning gels and analyzing scans ?

dugenou qrn veuthey at sc2a.unige.ch
Mon Mar 25 10:11:47 EST 1996

Hello fellow biologists and relatives, 

I am in the process of evaluating/developing/improving  novel software 
apps to analyze 
data obtained after scanning gels (protein, DNA, RNA). 

The basic idea is to apply various sophisticated statistical tools to 
evaluate relationships 
between electrophoretic patterns (bands for 1D/spots for  2D) obtained 
with various 

The practical outcome is to provide a user friendly Windows App 
integrated with pre-
existing image analysis software packages that accomplish more standard 
(delimiting bands, positions, densitometry, integration,  etc).

I am particularly interested in genetic data (genetic typing, pedigree 
analyses, PCR and 
RFLP experiments).

If you are in the habit or need of scanning/digitizing your gels, and 
are then faced with the 
task of comparing samples, I would very much be interested in analyzing 
a set of your 
data.  The acceptable input matrix formats  are ASCII , Excel or dBase.

What may be in for you is the possibility to become a bona fide beta 
tester and end up 
receiving free software that may be very useful for your work.

Thank you for your help.
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