MAC version of ClustalW

Ken J. Takekoshi kjt at umich.edu
Sat Mar 23 11:41:09 EST 1996

In article <4iq03e$b42 at usenet.ucs.indiana.edu>,
gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu (Don Gilbert) wrote:

> ClustalW doesn't have a special mac interface, just a
> character mode interface.  If you are using the Mac binary
> that I compiled, the dialog box you first see is part of
> a simple way of putting a mac interface on a character mode
> program.  You can ignore the choices beyond the "okay" box,
> but you need to later provide files in the proper format
> for this program.  
> I don't recommend using clustalw directly, but use it as
> a child app w/ SeqPup.  I can't yet recommend SeqPup very
> loudly because it still has several bugs, that I'm working
> on.  But it should, bugs permitting, provide you a much
> simpler way to use clustalw, and also to do hand alignments.
> It is free.  Find it at 
>   ftp://iubio.bio.indiana.edu/molbio/seqpup/
> -- Don


Thanks for your help.  I found out that the problem I was having, is that
I nad never entered text-based filenames in before on a Mac, and that it
uses colons rather than backslashes (like UNIX and DOS) to specify the
path.  My mistake.

And thank you for providing such a good alignment program and making it
available o the scientific community!  The interface is a little difficult
to figure out at first, if only because it is different from most
programs, but on the whole it is saving me A LOT of work, because the
quality of the alignments is good.  I'd MUCH rather use this than spend
hours trying to hand edit sequences on some of the other software aligment
tools I've used that have fancy interfaces, but perform terrible

Thanks!  Great!

(A student who has been desperately looking for a good alignment program
for the mac now for a year.)

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