Linux MolBio Software

Stephen Mulcahy smulcahy at acer.gen.tcd.ie
Fri Mar 22 13:23:12 EST 1996

Harry Mangalam (mangalam at uci.edu) wrote:
: The upshot is that most tools for other unix-like OS's port to linux very
: easily - it has recently beaten other commercial OS's to the punch by
: becoming POSIX-compliant (see comp.os.linux.announce)

Well, yes and no IMHO. I am not a programmer, I'm a biochemistry undergraduate
but I have some experience with admin'ing a Linux box and compiling/hacking
software to go as it were :)

Now my experience of a lot of the molbio software on the likes of ftp.ebi.ac.uk
is that it is not easily portable either because it uses libs proprietary to
specific unix version e.g. SGI's or because it has been written in an
old or non-standard fashion, again, let me emphasise here, I am not an
experienced programmer and I appreciate that there is a lot of very well
written, very portable unix molbio software out there (phylip being a good

Maybe I've been spoilt by the mostly idiot-proof Linux src :)

Anyways, the upshot of this is that I believe there is an opening for an
archive of `working' (or compiling out of the tar file as it were) Linux
molbio software. I'm hoping to get something started soon as I mentioned
in a previous posting.


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