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> Dear Netters:
> I've got some other questions for the Linux discussion. We have purchased
> Silverplatter Medline on CD for LAN. Can we place those 4 CDes on
> a Linux machine? What clients should we need to mount disks on W4W or
> WIN95 workstations? Can we make it accessible from the other subnets, 
> connected by FreeBSD routers?

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you need to install 'samba',
a freely available netbeui server for linux, other unixes (we also run it
on SGI's) (netsearch on samba for the home site).  

If you mean that you'd like to run it on a multiplatter CD drive such as
the latest NEC/Nakamishi, I don't believe that there's a Linux driver for
that hardware yet, but I presume it will be forthcoming soon.

If you want to run it on 4 separate drives, you can do this as long as you
have enough SCSI addresses/controllers.  

This begs the question of whether you can do this from a software
perspective - I'm not familiar with Silverplatter.  If you just need to
provide the CDs to clients then it should work; if there is server
software that controls the CDs and a local search engine, you may be out
of luck unless it'll run under the Linux DOS emulator.

Alternatively, if you buy Caldera's Linux Desktop, you'll soon get Sun's
WABI (Windows emulator) that may be able to run such server software in
emulation mode.

Nuff said...
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