Homology Computation

Jonathan Kurtis Jonathan_Kurtis at Brown.edu
Thu Mar 21 06:30:05 EST 1996

For a presentation, I need to make a chart of aa identity and homology of
my protein to other members in its gene family. If I use blastp, I get
these values (i understand that the homology reflects a >0 value for the
matrix comparison), but only for the relevant HSP, not for the entire
protein. Is it possible to configure blastp to report these values for the
entire protein. I have tried several other alignment programs including
Clustal,MACAW, GeneWorks. None of these output the info I am looking for.
Thanks for any help!!

Jonathan Kurtis, Ph.D.
International Health Institute
Brown University Box G-8033
Providence, RI  02912  USA
Jonathan_Kurtis at Brown.edu

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