GCG Menus for the GDE program?

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at biotek.uio.no
Wed Mar 20 20:10:34 EST 1996

In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.960321094802.8871V-100000 at morgan.angis.su.OZ.AU>,
   tim at angis.su.OZ.AU (Tim Littlejohn) wrote:
>> Also, is there a mailing list/disscussion group for the GDE program?
>Yes there is- an email list exists.  To be added to the list, please send 
>me an email:
>    tim at angis.su.oz.au
>At the moment the list is small and there is not much traffic.  I have 
>been adding names to the list manually.  If there is a demand, I can set 
>this up a part of our majordomo system.

Hei there,

I would also like to add to this thread that GCG has 'announced' that version 
9.0 of the package will ship w/ GDE as a replacement to 'wpi'. We should 
expect several 'exiting' enhancements to the GCG and EGCG packages by then!

GCG is holding a European User Forum in Heidelberg, Germany, next week. They
will let us know about their plans for the future. Several managers from
the EMBnet will be present at this meeting and I hope to be able to summarise
it here and in the gcg group.


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