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In article <4hpc95$q90 at reader2.ix.netcom.com>, lib at ix.netcom.co says...
>I am looking for medical reference software for home/family use.  I
>have heard of a product called Grateful Med...does anyone know who
>publishes this software?  Also, do you have any other recommendations? 
>Please respond by email to lib at ix.netcom.com.  I really appreaciate it!
Hello Libby, here is a software bundle I will be selling shortly.
Let me know if you are interseted. It should be in stock in 
a couple of days, Thanks, Marty

The Medical Center Six is 6 individual CD-ROM's covering a wide
selection of the best medical interactive CD's on the market. Included
in the MC6 are:
Data Express's Visual Man Lite, Pixel Perfect Self Health, Pixel Perfect
Home Medical Advisor Pro 4.0, Pixel Perfect The Corner DrugStore LE,
Alpha Sports Software BodyCraft and Softkey International's BodyWorks 3.0.
Below are brief descriptions of each program.
This is a $250.00 value for only $49.95 USD, plus shipping.

Data Express Visual Man Lite.
Visual Man Lite provides the drama and detail of an actual autopsy without
the blood. This incredible program includes hundreds of cross-sectional images
of a human cadaver in great detail. The CD is based on the National Library of
Medicine's Visible Human Project.

Pixel Perfect Self Health:
Dr Schueler's Self Health includes complete video library of self-care for adults
and infants. This powerful multi-user system manages your family's medical
records, helps perform complex health risk analysis, tracks your vital health
data using 3-D graphs, and crunches health care spending data into spread-
sheets and reports.

Pixel Perfect Home Medical Advisor Pro 4.0:
The award-winning Home Medical Advisor Pro 4.0 combines video, sound
and images to produce a "multimedia doctor" that can diagnose, talk, access
disease information, and thousands of other health topics. Explore the 1500
medical images and surgical video libraries that are unmatched in quality
and completeness. Also contains two powerful, physician-engineered medical
expert systems to analyze your every symptom. ENDORSED BY THE AMERICAN

Dr. Schueler's The Corner DrugStore LE:
Detailed information on over 8,000 prescriptions and non-prescriptions drugs
and is crossed referenced with tons of full motion video, Created by a panel
of physicians, pharmacists and drug experts, this is the ultimate drug and
pharmacy product reference.

Alpha Sport Software BodyCraft:
Discover the secrets that can help you get those washboard abs, the super
low body fat look, and superior health. BodyCraft is an exciting new software
technology based on a proven scientific method developed by renowned
scientist, Dr. Fred Hatfield. BodyCraft does your grocery list, plans your meals,
tells you exactly what to eat, creates a personal exercise plan, teaches you the
exercise using full motion video and then provides easy-to-follow print-outs.

Softkey International's BodyWorks 3.0:
BodyWorks 3.0 features 3D rotating views, colorful anatomic graphics with
cutaways and magnified views, "speech back" pronunciation of terms, phonetic
"smart search", complete health section, lesson plans and quizzes, printable
graphics and text, animation and dynamic full-motion video's. You will find
answers to all your health science questions when you explore the mysteries
of the human body.

Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, 4 MB RAM, Double Speed CD Drive, SVGA or above.
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