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Simon Eaton S.J.Eaton at ncl.ac.uk
Thu Mar 14 05:09:13 EST 1996

In article <4hkl19$k3a at oravannahka.Helsinki.FI>, stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI 
>We are equipped with a 1-channel Merck-Hitachi integrator for HPLC
>analysis, and would like to change to computer recording and analysis.
>However, we are not well funded. We do not need instrument control, thus
>$5000-$6000 for a setup that can control all the different pumps in the
>world are unnecessarily expensive. 
>I have seen analysis software for about $3000 including an AD board.
>Several AD boards lie unused around my lab. So my question is: can
>anybody point me to a program which can record, store to disk, analyze
>for peaks (by cursor control if necessary) and calculate data from 
>2 to 4 channels from one or two instruments, using a standard AD board 
>like DT2801, PCL7815 or similar?

According to the Data Translation catologue, the DT2802 board (don't know 
about the dt2801) can be used with the following external software packages:
LabCalc (Galactic Industries Corp.), ChromPerfect(Justice Innovations), 
Chrom/RT (Labtech) and Chromafile (Lab Control GmbH). I don't have the numbers 
for these compamies, but Data Translation (Finnish office (0) 3511800 fax: (0) 
345384) should be able to help. I remember that I looked at going thru' this 
route when I wanted to upgrade my chromatography data handling, and had a look
at a package called GRAMS/386 which looked very good, I think it also could 
use the DT2802. It is again from Galactic Industries, Inc., but I got a demo 
disc through a company called Adept Scientific UK (0462) 480055, who have a 
web page at:
In the end though I went for a board plus software package called Borwin which 
is very competitively prices and so far I'm quite pleased with it. It is by 
JMBS Developpements
5 rue de la Verrerie
Tel +33 76 75 70 47
Fax +33 76 75 70 65

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