ANNOUNCE: tacg - Restriction Enzyme analysis tool for unix

Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Wed Mar 13 13:18:18 EST 1996

In article <mangalam-0703961309490001 at buggus.mmg.uci.edu>,
mangalam at uci.edu (Harry Mangalam) wrote:

>                                   tacg 
>             a program for the restriction enzyme analysis of DNA
>                               Release 1.33
>                         by Harry Mangalam, UC Irvine 
>                       (mangalam at uci.edu, 714 824 4824)
> # This posting is to announce the availability of 'tacg', a command line tool 
> for the restriction enzyme analysis of DNA for unix-like operating systems.  
> Binaries currently exist for IRIX (5.3), SunOS (5.3), OSF/1 (V3.0/347), and 
> Linux(1.2.8); others will be made available as I find systems on which to 
> compile them, or as others contribute binaries.

I've already picked some very useful suggestions and a few bug reports. 
The easy suggestions and bug fixes will be incorporated into a new release
very soon, but in the interim, I realized that the SGI binary was compiled
with the '-mips2' flag which allows optimization for the R4000/R4400
chipset (currently the main SGI chipset).  However I neglected that there
are still a large number of R3000-class machines out there and they can't
run that executable at all.  So I've recompiled it for those machines as
well- it's the 'r3K' version included in the SGI distribution, all
available at:


And let those packets go free!
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