RasMol/Raster 3D question

Jeffrey A. Messer jamesser at christa.unh.edu
Wed Mar 13 16:23:43 EST 1996

Bernard Murray wrote:
> Hello all,
>         I'm using RasMol 2.5 under Windows 3.1 and am hoping to colour
> parts of molecules by manipulation of PDB format files.  One possible
> way is to change the temperature factors and then tell RasMol to
> colour according to this value.  However, in the RasMol manual it
> claims that a "user" colour coding can be applied and this involves
> reading the COLOr field of the Raster3D extension to the standard PDB
> format.
>         Could anyone please tell me what the format for that field is?
> I had a look at the RasMol source code and couldn;t spot anything
> obvious (I don't read C very fluently).  I had a look at the "official"
> specs for the PDB format but they don't acknowledge any extensions.
> Hopefully this is a field that can be inserted in each ATOM line of
> a PDB format file without disturbing the rest of the data (eg. after
> column 66) (or am I being too naiive?).
>         Any pointers gratefully received,
>                         Bernard
> Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
> bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov  (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)
I use an add-on to RasMol Called RasMenu.  It greatly enhances the 
capabilities of RasMol.  In particular the color options.  I don't know 
were we got it, it's just out on our laboratory file server.  Has anyone 
else heard of this add-on?  If it's Shareware or Freeware I'll be happy 
to send you a copy (I need to check into it).  Just Reply if your 
interested and I'll have an answer in a couple of Days.  
Jeff Messer
Department of Biochemistry - UNH
Biological Science Center
46 College Road
Durham, NH 03824-3544

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