curve-fit software?

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Mon Mar 11 19:07:07 EST 1996

Jandel does in fact have a web site.  Their URL as well as other software 
packages that will do non-linear curve fitting can be found on my home page at


Some of the other packages that will do non-linear curve fitting includes 
MLAB, Origin, Fig P, Axum, Scientist, PSI Plot, S-PLUS and Deltagraph (in 
addition to SigmaPlot and Prism). (all are Windows packages).

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>The Jandel software "Sigmaplot" 3.0 Windows and the Graphpad 
>software "Prism" 2.0 Windows are well fitting programs even for 
>non-linear regressions. More information about graphpad software 
>is available in the web at http://www.graphpad.com
>I don´t know, whether Jandel-software is in the net as well.

>Yours sincerely

>Dr. R.-A. Vetter

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