Help w/Compaq Video Driver

Jeffrey A. Messer jamesser at christa.unh.edu
Mon Mar 11 17:28:09 EST 1996

Skip wrote:
> I have a compaq laptop LTE Lite 4/25c 486DX color monitor.  It is only running
> 16 colors.  When I go to set up to bump to 256 colors, it says insert windows ... disc no 1 etc.                                               
This is the disk that has the driver on it.  The windows SVGA 640x480 256 
color driver should do the trick. If for some reason this will not work, 
or you don't have the Windows disks available, look in the manual that 
came with the notebook and see what type of display adapter (chip set) 
your notebook is using.  Chances are that manufacturer will have a 
website were you can download the appropriate driver.  If any disks came 
with your computer, they probably also have the driver you need.

> I absolutely do not have the right driver already loaded.  I want to get 265 colors so I can view
> gifs and bitmap files.  I went to compaq home page, but did not have a clue whjich program to download
> plus would take 40 minutes.  I just need the one driver, please help me or tell me
> how to get it bumped up.

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