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tklancar at kamloops.env.gov.bc.ca tklancar at kamloops.env.gov.bc.ca
Sat Mar 9 15:53:43 EST 1996

A friend of mine - Jerry - suffered a stroke several years
ago.  He has made remarkable recovery physically however
his speech is still severly impaired.  Jerry describes it as 
having a lock put on his tongue, he thinks the words but
they just won't come out of his mouth.
Anyway recently I came across a site on the web - Creative
Learning Inc. who advertize a program called Breakthrough to
Language.  The program looks like just the tool Jerry can
use to improve his speech.  One hitch through, and that is 
that all attempts to contact Creative Learning Inc have been 
futile.  They do not respond to their Email (info at creative.com)
and their telephone number appears to be out of service 
(1-800-576-0538).  Their web address is 
http://www.tpoint.net/creative/home.html  They have a nice
web page, and their product looks good but I just can't seem 
to contact them.

Does anyone out there in Webland know of this company and 
their product?  If so please contact me as the last month
has been spent searching for them with very little results.

Jerry is hoping that somewhere there is a key to unlock his
tongue.. This might raise a chuckle but Jerry is totally 

Please respond with any information.  Also if you have any knowledge
of other software which could be used to rehab speech impared 
persons I would love to hear from you.

tklancar at kamloops.env.gov.bc.ca
Tony Klancar

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