Wanted: Simple alignment software for education

ard jonker a337ard at horus.sara.nl
Sat Mar 9 11:12:32 EST 1996

In article <8295-279974101 at microbiol.org>, sysop at microbiol.org wrote:

> KI>I am looking for alignment programs for educational purposes. The
> KI>software should not be too sophisticated and loaded with features.
> ===Some deleted ====
> KI>Kind regards, Jan T. Kim

> Look to the "Molecular Biology" library in The Microbiology BBS.  A
> listing is found from http://www.microbiol.org/microbbs.

Do have a look at SeqApp, that can do this stuff in nice colours,it has
some clear to use features, some more sophisticated features, but only if
you want them. It is very pleasant to use.

SeqApp runs on a macintohs and is available from the ftp-sites below.



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