Predator/Prey Simulation

Thomas Petzoldt Hydrobiologie petzoldt at TUDURZ.urz.tu-dresden.de
Fri Mar 8 03:13:01 EST 1996

ap2 at bolton.ac.uk writes:

>Does anyone know of a decent predator/prey simulation for
>the PC? Please reply direct to me or place a message up here.

For this purpose I have written a simple MS-Excel 5.0 VBA
Programm. The problem with this is, that it's until now
german VBA, cause of some Microsoft-Policy.

Now in Excel 7.0 they have changed back to english and it
will be o.k. if I or some person will have the 2 hours.

The Simulator works with up to 4 differential equations
and uses the Runge-Kutta (RK4) Integration method with
fixed step-size.

The Spreadsheet and the program are free. The only thing I
don't want is, that some person makes money with it.

Thomas Petzoldt

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