Wanted: Simple alignment software for education

R. Scott Jokerst scott_jokerst at data-transport.com
Fri Mar 8 12:03:52 EST 1996

There have been several requests for alignment software to this list
lately.  One avenue which might be fruitful is to try searching Biological
Data Transport's site at:


using keywords such as


You will likely find a few sources of software from the public resources we
currently track at the site.  And, if members of this list notice public
resources they should be tracking but are not, please post them to the

Another approach would be to scan the Resource Section pages, for public
sources of the software you are looking for, in the case that keyword
searching misses any of these links for one reason or another.

Hope this type of general information posting is seen as helpful to the list.


(BDT is a for-profit resource, but can be searched and scanned at no charge)


At 3:21 PM 3/7/96, sysop at microbiol.org wrote:
>KI>Dear all,
>KI>I am looking for alignment programs for educational purposes. The
>KI>software should not be too sophisticated and loaded with features.
>===Some deleted ====
>KI>Kind regards, Jan T. Kim
>KI> +- Jan Kim -- X.400:    S=kim;OU=violet;O=mpiz-koeln;P=mpg;C=de -----+
>KI> |             Internet: kim at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de                        |
>KI> |             WWW: http://www.mpiz-koeln.mpg.de/~kim/kim.html        |
>KI> *-----=<  hierarchical systems are for files, not for humans  >=-----*
>Look to the "Molecular Biology" library in The Microbiology BBS.  A
>listing is found from http://www.microbiol.org/microbbs.
>Let me know if you find something you like.
>Scott Sutton
>sutton at microbiol.org
>The Microbiology BBS
>(USA) 817-557-0330 (N/8/1)
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