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Steve Schacht shot at frontier.net
Fri Mar 8 04:17:41 EST 1996

Libby Snitzer wrote:
> I am looking for medical reference software for home/family use.  I
> have heard of a product called Grateful Med...does anyone know who
> publishes this software?  Also, do you have any other recommendations?
> Please respond by email to lib at ix.netcom.com.  I really appreaciate it!
> Thanks!
> Libby

Grateful Med is not exactly a reference program.  It's a specialized 
communications application that allows you to connect to the NLM (National 
Library of Medicine) computer to perform searches of current scientific 
literature.  You are charged for NLM computer connect time.

It sounds like you're looking for something more like the Mayo Clinic 
CD-ROM or another such family medical reference CD.  Check with any of the 
CD-ROM or computer catalog mail order companies.  One such company is 
Educorp at (800) 843-9497.  They can send a catalog to you.

Hope this helps.

-Steve S.

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