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In article <4hhpcm$kh3 at canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca>, "Paul C. Grimm MD"
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> Is there any shareware around that will capture text output scrolling
into a window on a 
> Mac?
> Our university library system uses a software package called OnLan Mac.
> searches are scrolled into a window. The 'print' command leads to many
errors. I wish to 
> capture the text file going to the window because it is error free. The
> 'pictpocket' will capture a redrawn window but only the current
contents. A library 
> search would be extremely time consuming to take a 'shot' of every page. 
> Any suggestions?

You can try Print2Pict shareware ($10). From 'ReadMe' file:
:   This is version 3.4 of Print2Pict. It is a printer driver that
previews and saves printed pages to PICT files or the :clipboard.
:   - Use of extensions to add new functionality: Print to MacPaint file,
Print to PICS format, Print to text format, :and Print to whatever you
dream of if you can write C or Pascal.
:   All available Print2Pict extensions  are listed as well. You must find
with this copy of Print2Pict:
 :  - Text File:              Extracts the text from the pages and writes
to a text file.
 :  - Print to PICS:   Creates a PICS file.
 :  - PostCard:              Creates a standalone application from your
 :  - Print to Paint:    Creates MacPaint files.
 :  - Print to Scrap: Creates ScrapBook files.
 :  - Remote:                 Sends the pictures to remote applications.
 :  - Pixmap:                  Creates a PICT file containing a pixmap.
:      Mail to : mab at ecmwf.co.uk

You can find it on any Mac archive or mail to author.

Leo Possajennikov,

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