protein prediction and Computers

Jeffrey A. Messer jamesser at christa.unh.edu
Tue Mar 5 16:28:22 EST 1996

Craig Weiser wrote:
> Does anyone know a good secondary structure predictor, which can run on
> the machintosh?

I don't know of a program that can do this on a mac, but the following 
URL has links to many secondary structure prediction pages that let you 
enter a amino acid sequence and return the conforamtional prediction to 
you via e-mail.


These programs are running on MainFrames that can probably do the 
calculations and return the results via e-mail quicker than a mac could 
do it locally.  I also came across a site that would return the secondary 
structure prediction in a .pdb file wich you can view with RasMol or the 
like.  Unfortunately I don't remember the URL.  Does anyone have any more 
info on this site?
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