curve-fit software?

ard jonker a337ard at horus.sara.nl
Tue Mar 5 13:38:41 EST 1996

In article <4hfnch$evs at ds2.acs.ucalgary.ca>, kyhui at acs5.acs.ucalgary.ca
(Kwok Yin Hui) wrote:

> Jeffrey A. Messer (jamesser at christa.unh.edu) wrote:
> : Microcal Software's Origin is probably what you are looking for.  It has a 
> : large number of pre-defined fitting functions.  You can also enter your own 
> : fitting functions without much problem, although it is rather slow.  The 
> : latest version that I have used is 4.0.  It is a 16-bit Windows program and 
> : runs comfortably on a dx2-66 with 8mb.  A 32-bit version is due out
soon, this 
> : may improve the speed of the user-defined fitting functions.  They probably 
> I've been using Origin 4.0 for several months already and have found that 
> there are strange limitations on its usage.  The main problem I've been 
> having is that it will crash when I put several plots in a project.  The 
> programmers said that this limitation will be altered in their next 
> version. 

While waiting for the updates, you might have a try with mac curve fit,
shareware by Kevin Raner. That (current v1.2.2) does multiple simultaneous
fits of any function you throw at it. A function can have up to 8
arguments and you can specify the function by just typing it in the
function window. As it sais: _mac_ curve fit. Requires system 7 and runs
happily with 512 KB of free memory.

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