software for digitizers

JustAsking carosch at pop.jaring.my
Tue Mar 5 15:34:35 EST 1996

 I'm in a market research company. We have a requirement for a
software that can work with a digitizer to do the following :

We have a question type called line-scale with 2 extremes - eg.

Excellent-------------------------------------------------------- Poor

The respondent will mark on the line like this :

Excellent ----------------------X--------------------------------Poor

The software should be able to give the value of the length of the
starting point to the ending point (the one marked by the respondent).
The digitizer will be used to detect all these points. Minimum the
software should be able to give the coordinates of the starting &
ending point and allows for us to manipulate the scirpt to get the

Appreciate if you can let me know if any software will be able to do


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