curve-fit software?

Kwok Yin Hui kyhui at acs5.acs.ucalgary.ca
Mon Mar 4 16:29:53 EST 1996

Jeffrey A. Messer (jamesser at christa.unh.edu) wrote:

: Microcal Software's Origin is probably what you are looking for.  It has a 
: large number of pre-defined fitting functions.  You can also enter your own 
: fitting functions without much problem, although it is rather slow.  The 
: latest version that I have used is 4.0.  It is a 16-bit Windows program and 
: runs comfortably on a dx2-66 with 8mb.  A 32-bit version is due out soon, this 
: may improve the speed of the user-defined fitting functions.  They probably 

I've been using Origin 4.0 for several months already and have found that 
there are strange limitations on its usage.  The main problem I've been 
having is that it will crash when I put several plots in a project.  The 
programmers said that this limitation will be altered in their next 
version.  Another limitation I found was in programming macros in 
scripts:  macros seem to only take up to 5 arguements and won't work with 
more.  As for the issue of fitting several indep variables 
"simultaneously", if you mean fitting a dep var with an average of 
several indep vars (which wouldn't make sense to me), then I don't think 
that it will do it with a simple button/menu item - a single indep.  
However, if by "simulaneously" you mean taking any dep var and fit it 
was several different indep vars one at a time and plot them all on the 
same graph, then this is no problem with Origin.  I find that one of the 
strong points of Origin is it's script/macro features that allow you to 
save time when analysing data.


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