ANNOUNCE: Simstat for Windows public Beta test

Normand Peladeau 71760.2103 at compuserve.com
Fri Mar 1 07:46:14 EST 1996


The current beta test version of SIMSTAT for Windows in now available
to download from the new Web site:


Simstat for Windows offers about the same statistical capabilities
as the DOS version but provides several improvements in data and output
management, including some innovative features not found in any other
statistical programs such as:

   - Use of a notebook metaphor for powerful output management.
   - Powerful scripting language to automate statistical analysis,
     create applications, demonstration programs, tutorials with
     multimedia features, and even computer assisted testing or
     interviewing scripts, etc.
   - support xBase syntax for data filtering and sorting.
   - current variable statistics dialog to assist data transformation
   - etc.

We have made this program available in order to identify the remaining
bugs and get feedbacks from users.  We want to get reports from people
who encounter problems but we also need information from people who try
the program without any problem.  We need to know what you've tried,
your impression about the user environment, and suggestions for further
improvements, etc..  At least 5 free copies of the final version will be
given to those testers who will provide the most useful and timely
information.  (Those testers who will purchase the pre-release version
will receive a full refund).

During the entire beta test period, it will also be possible to purchase
the program at a special reduced price of $99 (upgrade $39 for registered
users of the DOS version).  See Web page for more information.

(Educational and quantity discounts will also available)

The program runs under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 and requires 4 MB of
free disk space and at least 4 MB or ram.

CAUTION: Please take note that the archive file to download is 1.7MB and
is currently updated about once a week.  (The availability of new
versions will be announced by E-mail). - The program may be freely
distributed.  However, to prevent the distribution of a beta
version after the release of the final version, the program will stop
running after 6/30/96.
For more information about the program, see the web page or send E-mail
to me at:
Normand Peladeau
Provalis Research
Email: 71760.2103 at compuserve.com

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