Journal Manuscript software (for Editors)

John S Walker jsw9c at virginia.edu
Fri Jun 28 12:42:06 EST 1996

Al Wilson wrote:
> If someone is editing a journal, they need a manuscript tracking system.
> It tells them what articles are out to reviewers, which are back at the authors,
> and sends out letters accordingly on a timed basis.
> I have come across one call RMTS, from RCP consultants.  It seems really
> expensive.
> Does anyone have another answer?
There is a system that seems quite good called edas (short for
EDitorial ASsistant).  It's written in Tcl/Tk (it requres versions
7.3/3.6, but could be ported to 7.5/4.1 in the near future, if the
auhtor or someone gets around to it.  Anyone interested in a Tcl
learning exercise?)

You can get edas from a Tcl archive

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