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Francis L.Burton gpaa29 at cent.gla.ac.uk
Tue Jun 25 11:16:17 EST 1996

In <31ba3a99.5363261 at nntp.ix.netcom.com> jsalb at ix.netcom.com (Jesse Salb) writes:

>Does anyone know of an inexpensive bibliographic software package,
>whose name I have temporarily forgotten? It runs on Windows and I
>think its author lives in England, and may be named Tim _____. A
>version of it is downloadable from some website.

That would be Tim Cutts' program Refs. His web page is at
http://chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk:81/ -- full details of the
program and downloading can be found there.

The nicest thing about Refs is that it works (which is why
I switched to it from Reference Manager). That it keeps your
references in an text file (UNIX refer format) is neat too.

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