ProSite Searching

David Frederiksen davidf at compusmart.ab.ca
Mon Jun 24 10:18:06 EST 1996


   I have just begun to work with "ProSite" and "Blocks" searching.  I
have located my own copy of the two databases and documentation and I am
using Mac Pattern to do the searching.  Being new to this method protein
determination I am not too clear on how to find the definitions for all
the Blocks/Sites/Segments matched in the sequences I have used.  I found
that the "ProSite" database was accompanied with a .doc file that clearly
defines most of the database entries but their are a lot of missing
definitions.  I am wondering if anyone would know of a source that would
have a complete record of definitions for the proteins (enzymes,
catalysts, binding Prots., etc.) that are in the "ProSite" database.

Thank You For Your Time
David Frederiksen

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