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Achim Recktenwald achim at ibex.ca
Thu Jun 20 11:09:31 EST 1996

MDB wrote:
> Achim Recktenwald wrote:
> >
> previous post deleted
> > Since he is posting in bionet.software, I assume he's interested in software for bioscience.
> > In this area, except for molecular biology software, there is unfortunately almost nothing
> > available for the Mac.
> What area were you thinking of? What bioscience programs are you
> considering that exist only for the PC platform?

For example, enzyme kinetics. There exists UltraFit, but I think it's crap. Potentially very 
powerful, but the most user-unfriendly program I've ever worked with, additionally it has some bugs. 
I am running GraFit 3 on my office-Mac under Softwindows. Though it is a bit slow, it does what I 

Another example, where I cannot find a suitable Mac-version, is GPMAW. It is a general protein/mass 
analysis program. This I am running also under Softwindows.

> > Besides, I hate having to choose between Excel and nothing else, between Word and almost
> > nothing else. There are some bugs in the Mac-version of MS-office since almost two years. For
> > a similar bugs in the PC-version you have a fix in less than two to three weeks, even from MS.
> So MS don't fix bugs in programs for their main competitor platform!
> Well, what a surprise (heavy irony). Word6 for the Mac was a real sloth
> when it came out (maybe still is). Again, what a surprise!

Sorry, I might be a bit dense, but I do not quite understand you here.
MS is producing software for the Mac-platform. In some areas, like spreadsheets, it's the only 
supplier of software for this OS. What do you want more, MS has a monopoly  --  unfortunately.
And, yes, Word 6 for the Mac is awfully slow  -- also unfortunately.

> As an earlier post had it, this is a subject that does not encourage
> objective responses.

I found this  out myself very quickly, when I joined my company a few years back. 
The Mac might be easier to use, but you pay ~2x as much as for the same power on an IBM-clone.


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