Which platform?

Richard R. Hardy rr_hardy at fccc.edu
Thu Jun 20 13:07:41 EST 1996

In article <31C977BB.1AA7 at ibex.ca>, Achim Recktenwald <achim at ibex.ca> wrote:

[deleted comment that this subject ("which platform?") does not engender
unbiased responses]

>I found this  out myself very quickly, when I joined my company a few
years back. 
>The Mac might be easier to use, but you pay ~2x as much as for the same
power on an IBM-clone.

This probably was true some years back if you were not an academic
purchaser (which I luckily was), but I think in no longer the case.  I
think that at today's pricing, and comparing equivalent setups
(important), that Macs are pretty price competitive (assuming you don't
compare to fly-by-night clones).
And in terms of setup and ease of use, I think Macs still have the edge. 
Of couse, the original question was more to the point of software
availability on the different platforms, but since we're discussing
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