Linux or Unix for multiple sequence analysis?

Gabriel Zwart zwart at cl.nioo.knaw.nl
Thu Jun 20 09:07:39 EST 1996

Dear netters,

Linux or Unix
Genetic data environment?

After some strugle we managed to install some nice nucleotide sequence 
analysis programs on a LINUX machine (pentium). We are interested in 
analysis of rather large numbers of sequences over say 500-4500 positions 
(16S/18S rRNA. That is, multiple alignments, probe and primer searching, 
phylogeny (Neighbour-joining, Parsimony, Max likelihood?).  Now we have a 
chance to apply for some money for improvement.
Question:  Will we gain much by buying a UNIX machine. What sort of 
computer would we need? Where can we obtain the Genetic data environment 
we keep hearing about. What does it do?


Gabriel Zwart 
Rijksstraatweg 6, Nieuwersluis
the Netherlands
email zwart at cl.nioo.knaw.nl

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