MFOLD question

Srodday srodday at aol.com
Wed Jun 19 07:29:53 EST 1996

Does anyone have experience with using MFOLD, the rna folding software??

I am using MFOLD v.2 on a Sparc 10, Sun OS 4.1.3, with 48MB RAM.  My
sequence that I am interested in folding is 1.4kb long.  I can run the
program on the Sparc, but the Sparc tells me that I can only fold a 690-b
segment.  Any suggestions?  I realize that I can send the sequence to
Zuker's www server but I would really like to get it running on my

I dont understand why I can't fold longer segments.  I am under the
impression that as long as you have enough memory and swap space, you can
fold longer sequences.  I am the only one using the machine, no other
programs running except the OS and lots of disk and swap space.

Any suggestions or workarounds would be appreciated.
(Oh, I have compiled the fortran without the DOT plot and run it in N best
mode, i.e., I do not run it in sub-optimal plot run mode.  Would this
cause problems with the segment length? I don't see how...)


Suzanne Rodday
srodday at aol.com

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