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David Guertin dguertin at unlinfo.unl.edu
Tue Jun 18 10:16:40 EST 1996

----- "Matthew" == Matthew Lyon <flyon at www.earthlink.com> writes:

    Matthew> Also, which platform would inferface better with a
    Matthew> workstation, to utilize those high-powered apps.?

I haven't seen this aspect of your question addressed yet.  There are
several varieties of Unix available for Intel-based PC's (most notably
Linux, which in addition to being an excellent OS has the added
advantage of being free).  If you are really serious about interacting
with a Unix workstation, and you are not deterred by tinkering with
Unix, then an Intel-based PC running Unix would have a significant
advantage over a Mac.  (Linux for the Power Mac has been released, but
it's still in the early stages of development.)

On an Intel box, you may have more than one OS installed, which can be
selected from at boot time.  Personally, I have Linux and DOS/Windows
on mine.  I know others have installed Linux, OS/2, Win95, and
DOS/Windows all on the same machine.

None of this is plug-and-play type of stuff, but if you enjoy
tinkering with computers, it's not difficult.

    Matthew> A million thanks in advance,

You're welcome!


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