In a P.C. you can have UNIX and MS-DOS Windows at the same time.

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Hi Matthew,

 (mailed direct as well - don't know *how* slow that SA connection will be :-)

demeler at selway.umt.edu (Borries Demeler) wrote:
>In article <4pt80r$atb at hp.fciencias.unam.mx>,
>Adrian Kornhauser <adriank at servidor.unam.mx> wrote:
>>flyon at www.earthlink.com (Matthew Lyon) wrote:
>>You can run Linux on a P.C. linux is actuallt UNIX for P.C. Very
>>stable, loads of support from other users and IT'S FREE.
>>>   I'm a freshman biochem. major trying to decide what route to go, PC or
>>>PowerMac. I only have about four grand to spend - Which platform has a
>>>better selection of software that would for me? I'm on an old borrowed Mac
>I would like to second this opinion. I am running DOS, Linux, and Windows
>all on the same platform for 3 years now. And I am *EXTREMELY* happy with it.

I too would second this opinion, although I note that the Mac/PC described 
by another poster (Martin Pion) should also run linux happily as all that's
needed is something with iapx (Intel) architecture.  I purchased a 486 pc
while a grad student in biochem and ran 386BSD (another freeware PC Unix
clone); the machine was perfect for developing software at home, then
was easy to move over to `real machines' faculty would let me use at school 
when I had all the bugs worked out.  My experience setting up my own Unix
systems has proved extremely valuable in both of my postdocs as well.


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