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Per Kraulis krpx at desmond.sto.pharmacia.se
Mon Jun 17 02:34:00 EST 1996

> Hemant Varma (varma at sb10.llnl.gov) wrote:
> : Hello,
> :       I am looking for the program MOLSCRIPT.
> : Could anyone please send any info about obtaining it!
> : Any help will be appreciated1
> "The address is:
> Dr. Per Kraulis
> Center for Structural Biochemistry
> Karolinska Institute
> NOVUM S-141 57 Huddinge

About 18 months ago, I moved from Novum to Pharmacia (now Pharmacia &
Upjohn). Luckily, my email still gets forwarded.

To all of you who have set up the MolScript documentation on your web
sites (which I think is great, BTW): please change the address. My email
may not get forwarded from Novum in the future.

Per Kraulis, Ph.D.           phone: +46 (8) 695 78 34
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"Nothing is more difficult than simplicity." Unattributed.

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