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Richard R. Hardy rr_hardy at fccc.edu
Mon Jun 17 08:36:59 EST 1996

In article <31C1AFD5.43DE at ibex.ca>, Achim Recktenwald <achim at ibex.ca> wrote:

>Go PC. Most to all of the specialty software is only available for PC.
Additionally, you get 
>more computing power for your buck.
>A frustrated Mac-user,

Sorry, not true in the case of much academic-oriented software (I'm
thinking in terms of molec bio in particular).  There are DNA analysis
packages for both PC and Mac platforms.  There's shareware for both, too. 
The representation of Macs in academic settings is significantly higher
than in buisness.  With the possible exception of problems with the latest
PCI Macs, general experience has been that Macs are easier to set up on
networks (at least ethernetted setups).  There's plenty of
freeware/shareware and commercial networking software for both Mac and
PCs, too.  Personally, I have a Mac 7500 (a PCI Mac) and with the latest
version of the networking software (Open Transport 1.1) and a direct
ethernet connection, it really humms!

> a very happy Mac user <
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