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Peter Van Osta pvosta at neurogen20.uia.ac.be
Mon Jun 17 08:53:42 EST 1996


I have set up a Linuxmachine (Pentium 133 Mhz, 4 Gb diskspace, 32 (will be 64) MB RAM - Linux 2.0.0
and Slackware 3.0 from the Infomagic april 196 CDROM) for our Lab, to facilitate the filetransfer
between our Mac's (coupled to  ABI 373 and aBI 377 sequencers) and PC's (most of our computers and
mainly for desktop applications).

I am now searching for Unix (Linux) sofware to help us with our work. We are mainly doing
DNA-resarch: cloning, sequencing, genotyping,...

We are already running some of our Linkage on linux (Fastlink, vitesse) and it works fine.

Is there any Unix-software that could be used to facilitate the genotyping of data from an ABI 373 or

Is there a WWW-site with specila focus on Linux-software for molecular -biology available ?

Any help would be welcome,

Peter Van Osta, MD

Thanks to everybody who helped creating linux, it is great !!!!


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