Luke Scicluna scicluna at ivi.admin.ch
Mon Jun 17 08:46:45 EST 1996

Could anyone help me with a question.
	My problem is I have a positive result from ELISA and a background  
result.  I would like to subtract my background result from the positive  
result.  These are two means of an average of two wells.  I would like to  
take into account in this calculation the deviation within each mean, for  
the positive and negative results, so as to have a more representative  
result of the variation.  This I would like to do by weighting the  
resulting value from the subtraction of the two means by the standard  
deviation (or error of the two means).  Is such a calculation possible.
	Is this clear !!!!!! I hope so statistics is not my field.
	Thanks for any possible ideas.

	Luke Scicluna

Luke.Scicluna at ivi.admin.ch

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