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> I believe they have thought of that one! One registered copy with one key
> costs something like $3500, an extra Eve key costs about $300 but you
> can't get a third key without another $3500 license fee. Only two keys per
> package unfortunately. If you could get up to 4-5 keys before having to
> spend another $3500 it might make the cost a bit more reasonable for large
> groups. On the other hand it would tend to penalize groups who only wanted
> 1-2 keys. As far as I can tell almost all the DNA packages are protected
> by this kind of key system, maybe that's why they are so expensive. Or
> should that be the other way around? ;-)

Well, yes, I didn't mean to imply that one could get an *infinite* number
of EVE keys.  Kodak also limited each registered copy to one additional


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