Which platform?

Achim Recktenwald achim at ibex.ca
Fri Jun 14 13:30:45 EST 1996

Matthew Lyon wrote:
>    I'm a freshman biochem. major trying to decide what route to go, PC or
> PowerMac. I only have about four grand to spend - Which platform has a
> better selection of software that would for me? I'm on an old borrowed Mac
> 660AV right now, but learning DOS and Windows is not beyond me at all,
> because I'm very technically oriented.
>    Also, which platform would inferface better with a workstation, to
> utilize those high-powered apps.?
>    A million thanks in advance,
>    Matthew Lyon
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Go PC. Most to all of the specialty software is only available for PC. Additionally, you get 
more computing power for your buck.

A frustrated Mac-user,


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