Which platform?

Martin Pion mpion at ARTSCI.WUSTL.EDU
Fri Jun 14 13:21:59 EST 1996

Hi Achim,

I can understand your feeling. I had a frustrating 2 months with our new
7500/100 PCI-based Power Mac earlier this year, especially wrt Internet
access. Seems to have been sorted out now, although not by going to System
7.5.3 version 2.0, which simply put me back in the hole. I've reverted to
7.5.2 and the previous setup which I eventually got working satisfactorily,
with much help from a friend.

"Was a frustrated Power Mac-user,"

Martin. <mpion at artsci.wustl.edu>
Martin Pion, Biosoft.

At 1:30 PM 6/14/96, Achim Recktenwald wrote:
>Matthew Lyon wrote:
>>    I'm a freshman biochem. major trying to decide what route to go, PC or
>> PowerMac. I only have about four grand to spend - Which platform has a
>> better selection of software that would for me? I'm on an old borrowed Mac
>> 660AV right now, but learning DOS and Windows is not beyond me at all,
>> because I'm very technically oriented.
>>    Also, which platform would inferface better with a workstation, to
>> utilize those high-powered apps.?
>>    A million thanks in advance,
>>    Matthew Lyon
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>> seek purity in truth
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>Go PC. Most to all of the specialty software is only available for PC.
>Additionally, you get
>more computing power for your buck.
>A frustrated Mac-user,

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