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John Watson watson_j at bms.com
Fri Jun 14 07:48:47 EST 1996

Robin Beech wrote:

> I called Oxford Molecular, who have taken MacVector over from Eastman
> Kodak, a few days ago. While the software works well for most things (hate
> the sequence alignments it gives) the price is $2450 US for the basic
> license. I also asked about upgrading our 4 user personal copies to a 4
> user network version - the price for getting almost equivalent usage but
> without having to unplug the EVE key each time you want to go to a
> different computer over $5000 US !!!! I hate to think what the price of
> the Network version would be from scratch.

I don't know what Oxford's Policy is regarding additional EVE keys for an existing 
registered program, but Kodak used to sell an additional key for $300-400.  This 
means you can run a single licensed copy on two computers (one in the office, one in 
the lab).  Of course, no one would be so dishonest as to use this as a means around 
incredibly expensive software pricing.  Would one?

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