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Peter Lundberg peterl at chem.umu.se
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daj at nhm.ac.uk (david johnston) writes:

> Sorry that this isn't strictly software but another powerbook question for
> the experts. Has anyone experience of hooking a powerbook 5300CS up to an
> LCD projection panel. The only time I tried, I had problems  because the
> projection panel that I borrowed was configured to plug into a real monitor
> as well (ie 3 conectors on its cable, one for the CPU, one for the CPU's
> monitor  and one for the projection panel). In order to get the panel to
> work from the portable, the AV technician had to " short out" the monitor's
> connector to fool the panel into thinking that a monitor was attached.
> Unfortunately, I did not see exactly what he did.
> If you have sucessfully connected a Powerbook 5300CS to a panel, or you
> know how to acheive the dodge that I describe above, I would be very
> grateful to hear from you.

We had exactly the same problem here (with a PB140 and an LCD-display)
and the engineer here made a little 'terminator' to do what you said. I
have the three headed cable here and it looks like there is short
connection between pins 11 and 4 on the male 15 pin dummy 'monitor' (a

Just my 2 oere.

73, Peter

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