Which platform?

Martin Pion mpion at ARTSCI.WUSTL.EDU
Fri Jun 14 10:50:30 EST 1996

Hi Matthew,

A friend of mine just bought a Power Mac 6100/66DOS 16RAM/500MB HD, and I
spent some time last night checking out how well it runs a scientific
Windows graphics program published by Biosoft, which I felt would be a
stiff test. I was very impressed.

The 6100/66DOS seems to run both Mac and PC programs flawlessly and one
hotkey stroke [e.g. Command-Return] fades the monitor desktop from PC to
Mac, or vice versa. We have a 486SX and a Power Mac 7500/100 in this office
to run Biosoft's programs but this 6100/66 appears to be superior to the PC
and very comparable to the Power Mac, if not faster. I understand it has a
DOS 486DX board installed, and an L2 cache [absent from the 7500].

I would recommend this as a very good way to go. Note that my friend bought
it from MacMall at the reduced price of $1,000 [normal list $1,800 I
believe]. If I remember correctly, he has increased the RAM to 40 MB,
substituted a larger [1GB] hard drive, and added a speed accelerator
boosting the speed to 84 MHz. I don't have the exact costs of these
additional items but my guess is the total was <$500. To this must be added
the cost of a monitor [$200-$300]. If you want to know the best places to
buy these additional items I'd be glad to obtain details from my friend and
post them. [One of his aims in life seems to be seeking out the best deals
in computer supplies. :) ]

Please note that I have no pecuniary interest in the information I'm



Martin Pion, Senior VP, Biosoft.

At 6:28 PM 6/13/96, Matthew Lyon wrote:
>   I'm a freshman biochem. major trying to decide what route to go, PC or
>PowerMac. I only have about four grand to spend - Which platform has a
>better selection of software that would for me? I'm on an old borrowed Mac
>660AV right now, but learning DOS and Windows is not beyond me at all,
>because I'm very technically oriented.
>   Also, which platform would inferface better with a workstation, to
>utilize those high-powered apps.?
>   A million thanks in advance,
>   Matthew Lyon
>seek purity in truth

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