WWW sites for contig assembly or restriction enzyme mapping?

Luca I.G. TOLDO (Ph.D.) luca.toldo at embl-heidelberg.de
Mon Jun 10 14:51:37 EST 1996

Don Gilbert wrote:
> freeware that does contig assembly (via CAP) and restrict enzyme
> mapping includes seqpup, which also does run on any platform.
> Caveats apply that this is a work in progress and people may
> run into bugs that make it not as useful as it could be. I hope
> to have a bug-reduced release out in the next month.
> ftp://iubio.bio.indiana.edu/molbio/seqpup/
> - don
any plan for a Java port ?

if so, please contact me and deposit it at the JaMBW repository !!

Dr. Luca Ida Giovanni TOLDO (Ph.D.)
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Computer Group

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