PowerBook 5300 series

david johnston daj at nhm.ac.uk
Mon Jun 10 08:11:43 EST 1996

Sorry that this isn't strictly software but another powerbook question for
the experts. Has anyone experience of hooking a powerbook 5300CS up to an
LCD projection panel. The only time I tried, I had problems  because the
projection panel that I borrowed was configured to plug into a real monitor
as well (ie 3 conectors on its cable, one for the CPU, one for the CPU's
monitor  and one for the projection panel). In order to get the panel to
work from the portable, the AV technician had to " short out" the monitor's
connector to fool the panel into thinking that a monitor was attached.
Unfortunately, I did not see exactly what he did.

If you have sucessfully connected a Powerbook 5300CS to a panel, or you
know how to acheive the dodge that I describe above, I would be very
grateful to hear from you.


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