CAVEAT molecular design program users

Mark mark at gall.cchem.berkeley.edu
Sun Jun 9 13:06:16 EST 1996

This is a 'call for feedback' for individuals and groups, both academic and
industrial, who have used or are using the molecular design program CAVEAT.
We in the Bartlett group at UC Berkeley (the birthplace of said program) are
contemplating the formation of some form of electronic forum for users of
CAVEAT, and would appreciate hearing comments and critiques based on 
your experiences.

Please direct all correspondence to mark at gall.cchem.berkeley.edu

For the uninitiated, CAVEAT is a database searching program which facilitates
the design of new molecular structures--most commonly biologically active
ligands such as enzyme inhibitors--and is conceptually quite different from
most other such programs.  For further information, access the Bartlett group
www home page at:  http://www.cchem.berkeley.edu/~pabgrp


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